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manual sql injection exploitation step by step - this article is based on our previous article where you have learned different techniques to perform sql injection manually using dhakkan today we are again performing sql injection manually on a live website vulnweb com in order to reduce your stress of installing setup of dhakkan we are going to apply same concept and techniques as performed in dhakkan on different the platform, virtual hacking labs it security training labs courses - new lab machine 188 react today we ve introduced a new machine to the virtual hacking labs we ve named this machine react and it has been rated as an advanced machine, hacking the art of exploitation 2nd edition jon - hacking the art of exploitation 2nd edition jon erickson on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers hacking is the art of creative problem solving whether that means finding an unconventional solution to a difficult problem or exploiting holes in sloppy programming many people call themselves hackers, the basics of hacking and penetration testing ethical - the basics of hacking and penetration testing ethical hacking and penetration testing made easy patrick engebretson on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the basics of hacking and penetration testing 2nd ed serves as an introduction to the steps required to complete a penetration test or perform an ethical hack from beginning to end, free ethical hacking tutorials course for beginners - an ethical hacker exposes vulnerabilities in software to help business owners fix those security holes before a malicious hacker discovers them in this course you learn all about ethical hacking with loads of live hacking examples to make the subject matter clear, secret sauce the ultimate growth hacking guide book - secret sauce is step by step growth hacking guide that shows you exactly what you need to do to get users traffic and revenue, language learning on a budget great alternatives to - hi david that s wonderful that you are thinking about learning portuguese as i wrote on the front page i think portuguese is an absolutely gorgeous language that is quickly becoming an important world language as brazil gains cultural and economic influence, web service testing a beginner s tutorial guru99 - web services is the mechanism or the medium of communication through which two applications machines will exchange the data irrespective of their underline architecture and the technology, the 10 best resources for achieving fluency in portuguese - best audio course for beginners pimsleur an excellent and much cheaper alternative to rosetta stone for the absolute beginner is pimsleur this is an audio only method consisting of 90 half hour lessons that will take 3 6 months for most people to complete if you do one lesson roughly every day, the beginner s guide to shell scripting the basics - the term shell scripting gets mentioned often in linux forums but many users aren t familiar with it learning this easy and powerful programming method can help you save time learn the command line better and banish tedious file management tasks, how to change the wordpress database prefix to improve - improve wordpress security by changing the wordpress database prefix this article shows a step by step guide on changing the database prefix in wordpress, robert s perl tutorial - this perl tutorial assumes the prospective perl hacker has no prior knowledge of programming languages but is able to differentiate between a computer and a toaster