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uniforms of the german soldier an illustrated history - uniforms of the german soldier an illustrated history from 1870 to the first world war alejandro m de quesada on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers through periods of glory defeat and renaissance the german army uniform has evolved prussianistic and germanic traditions have remained strong throughout the uniform s history, uniforms of the german soldier an illustrated history - an extraordinary photo history of german army uniforms regalia and equipment military book club usa many previously unseen photographs of german uniforms during the war period with a lot of detail of unusual combinations of uniform and how they were worn, comparisons of the armies franco prussian war - shooting the dreyse m 41 the prussian army was composed not of regulars but conscripts and reservists service was compulsory for all men of military age thus prussia and its north and south german allies could mobilize and field some 1 2 million soldiers in time of war which it did within 18 days of mobilization, cadman s world war 2 books - all books are in good condition or better and are hardback unless indicated book descriptions are as follows fine showing little use very good very good shows some use good or good typical used book, cyberheritage plymouth history naval and military history - some of our airman are no longer missing film from 1981 about the finding of crashed allied aircraft of world war ii in the reclaimed land of holland near schipol airport music by mahler comes with 1980s adverts too